Meet The Team: Who is Tara?



Tara Sallee, Owner and Founder of Tara’s Team LLC, is an Atlanta native who’s called California home for almost half her life. Despite time spent in Los Angeles and Northern California for school, she always favored San Diego and visited often, finally permanently relocating down the coast. Living in San Diego and surrounding areas the past twelve years has enabled Tara to channel her passions – working out, maintaining beauty routines, running errands and socializing at the latest restaurants, venues and local hotspots – into the best and most authentic online resource for all of San Diego’s trendsetters.

Learning where all the amazing places are located, and how to reach people at the top of their fields, is an art that Tara perfected over the course of a decade. Tara’s an extreme perfectionist, and very hard to please, which makes her the ideal source for an unprecedented compilation of San Diego’s best must have’s and must do’s.

In her free time Tara most enjoys Pilates, Bikram Yoga and challenging herself to new workout routines. She’s also always on the lookout for better ways to spoil her two cats, Shimmer and Shamrock (ShimSham).


“I wish someone had just handed me a list years ago, of all the very best places in San Diego.” As soon as I said it I knew I was the perfect person for such a task, and this statement launched the evolution of what has now become Tara’s Team. Granted you might not like every place on my list, but I bet you’ll like most of them – or at the very least discover something new. This website reflects my triumphs from more than 10 years of personal trial and error, and I’m so excited to share it with you! Life is short, live it well.

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