Meet The Team: San Diego



Natalie Pomiak, Manager & Communications for Tara’s Team LLC, was born and raised in North County, San Diego. She moved to the East Coast after college, but always came back to San Diego to visit her family and friends. She has now permanently been back for over six years, and lives in the very same neighborhood in which she grew up!

Natalie loves all there is to do in Southern California – from hiking in the local mountains, to taking her dog, Apollo, to play at Fiesta Island, or even kayaking in Mission Bay. She also enjoys running, biking, skiing, yoga, cooking and traveling.


Tiffany Morin, “It” List Correspondent – San Diego, is a Bay Area baby who has lived in San Diego for over seven years. She’s lived all over Central San Diego – from Pacific Beach, to Mission Valley, to the downtown Gaslamp area. Tiffany first came to San Diego for school, where she studied Journalism at San Diego State University.

Tiffany, having an extremely active lifestyle, has traveled around San Diego trying different gyms, trails, hiking grounds, wakeboarding areas and volleyball beaches…learning where all the best places for active locals are along the way! But she still enjoys a balance between being active and social, so you can also find Tiffany at many little-known hotspots enjoying local brews and spending time with friendly natives.

Tiffany enjoys sharing her active lifestyle with her dog, a very picky and hard-to-please Yorkie named Bailey. For this reason, she has also spent plenty of time trying out different dog parks, vets and doggy daycares throughout San Diego. Nothing but the best for Tiffany and her doggy!


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