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Take a dynamic tour with Tara through some of San Diego’s hottest spots, as she personally guides you to a few of her favorite places on The “It” List.



Why Get The Tara’s Team “It” List?


How many times have you wanted to try something new in town, but instead ended up going to that same familiar “safe haven?” Maybe you didn’t want to risk wasting money or having a bad experience, or maybe you just couldn’t find a suggestion that you trusted enough to steer you in the right direction. Looking for new places to go by searching public online review sites can be time-consuming and deceiving. Many business owners pay to have their company included on categorical “Best Of” lists, or encourage friends, employees and family members to post multiple positive reviews to business review sites. By the same token, competitors or disgruntled ex-employees often post unfair reviews to these sites that are negative and untrue. So, what you end up with is a list of contradictory reviews with little accountability. This is not the case with Tara’s Team.

The One List You Can Trust.


Tara’s Team is unbiased and real – it’s the one list you can trust! If a business is on the “It” List, it is absolutely the best in class…hands down. Plus, a membership to Tara’s Team is affordable and saves you money! Instead of buying a deal-of-the-day discount to just one business through other online services, join Tara’s Team to get discounts to multiple businesses and services for one low price. As an added bonus, “It” List discounts are continually updated and new businesses are added every few months! All of this value is included in the cost of a subscription to the Tara’s Team “It” List, which is less than what you would spend on one bad meal.

Tara has lived all over the greater San Diego area for more than 12 years, and has personally researched and experienced thousands of businesses and services. Her discriminating palette, discerning quest for outstanding quality and passion to share her fabulous discoveries with others, is the motivating force behind Tara’s Team and the coveted “It” List.

What’s In “It” For You?


  • Tara’s Team gives you the local inside scoop
  • Find the best places to go in San Diego
  • Save money…no more trial and error
  • Save time…no more endless researching
  • Hundreds of listings
  • No more dissatisfaction
  • Businesses don’t pay to be on Tara’s Team
  • Every company is handpicked
  • Personalized “It” Factors keep you in the know
  • Exclusive savings and discounts

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  What People Are Saying About Tara’s Team  

“Tara’s Team is great, especially when I venture outside of my neighborhood and have no idea where the ‘best’ places are. I always look to Tara to tell me where to eat, drink and play. She never steers me in the wrong direction!”
–Jennifer M., Mission Valley

“You think I’d know SD pretty well after 6 years. Tara’s Team showed me I’ve only just scratched the surface. My only regret is not having joined sooner.”
–Frank T., Encinitas

“I found a great recommendation for Italian food – best caprese salad! I can’t wait to try their Happy Hour!”
— Elizabeth Q., Carlsbad

“I live in Orange County and don’t know all the cool spots to go in San Diego. I used Tara’s Team to find a romantic restaurant to take my wife for a weekend away, and scored major points. Thanks Tara’s Team!”
–Mario M., Orange County




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