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Feeding San Diego

Feeding San Diego

It’s no secret. Tara’s Team loves good food, fabulous deals and giving back to San Diego’s local community. That being said, it only made sense for us to team up with the fab San Diego-based rewards program MOGL, who also backs hunger-relief charity Feeding America. With your help MOGL and Tara’s Team can feed people in need, and all you have to do is to continue enjoying the best of San Diego’s restaurants. Oh, and did we mention that you’ll be paid for your efforts?

 You heard correctly! Once you join MOGL’s free program, every time you eat out at a MOGL-participating restaurant (and there are A LOT) you get paid 10% of what you spend right back onto your credit/debit card. Even better, for every $20 you spend at these restaurants a meal is donated to someone in need. Think of it as a Meal for a Meal deal with benefits….You eat. They eat. You get paid.

And just when you didn’t think it could get any easier….

As trailblazers to supporting the MOGL efforts, Tara’s Team has made it even easier for you to sign up for your own free MOGL account. Simply visit Tara’s Team / MOGL  to sign up, start getting paid, help feed others and experience what The Tara’s Team Delicious Life is really all about.

Remember, visit Tara’s Team today to set up your free MOGL account (it’s quick, easy and painless!) and start feeding San Diegans tomorrow.

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