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Why Knot?

Why Knot?

Say the word “Chiropractor” in mixed company and you will most likely get one of two reactions from your audience: they either love them or they hate them, and oddly there is rarely an “in-between” reaction on the subject. People who are anti-chiropractors have somehow created the misconceptions of chiropractors being ‘radical,’ ‘rough,’ ‘over-prescribers’ – or have even qualified them as ‘not real doctors.’ But can you blame them? Popping, cracking, twisting and over-medicating one’s body is quite frightening to say the least.

The good news is that there is an alternative. The even better news is that for all of the doubters, haters and disbelievers of the world there is help for you…and Tara’s Team has the solution! Meet us at Active Rest Chiropractic (immediately!) and get ready to start living The Healthy-Pain-Free Life that you deserve.

Why Knot?

After one visit to Active Rest Chiropractic your mind will be changed. Any misconceptions will fade away because the presumed definition of chiropractic medicine will no longer exist. It will be replaced with something gentler, more logical and more life-changing than you could ever have anticipated.

Active Rest Chiropractic’s primary philosophy is that “the power that made the body can heal the body.” Headed by the highly respected Dr. Collan Koeppen, Active Rest Chiropractic’s process is simplistically genius…Dr. Koeppen guides his clients towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. By educating them appropriately, providing a comfortable and safe environment, and showing clients how to practice “Active Rest” (the down-time when you allow your body to heal), he helps clients heal from the inside out; without the popping, cracking, twisting or medication.

You heard correctly. No more popping. No more twisting. No more pain. No more medications.

No more!

Knot at Work

First, through an assessment, Dr. Koeppen determines the cause of your symptoms. Do you have chronic pain, headaches, hip/neck/back pain, numbness…what is causing this pain? Next, by focusing on the Upper Cervical (top of the neck) area, adjustments are made to gently reposition the head and align it with the body. These gentle, light touch (and minimal-to-no force) adjustments create a “domino” effect of correction in your body. As with any treatment there is no way to forecast just how many visits it will take to put you on the path to healing; this is determined by the severity of your condition and how quickly your body is able to heal. But rest assured every single patient has their individual needs assessed and will be treated as such with Dr. Koeppen. The final stages of Active Rest Chiropractic’s treatment are healing and responsibility.  Through proper nutrition, guided exercises, diet and Active Rest you can help maintain your corrected body balance. Take advantage of Active Rest’s free Stretching and Posture Classes and inquire if Self Myofascial Rolling (foam rolling) is a good choice for you to continue your self-maintenance.

Knot Kidding!

Active Rest Chiropractic’s message may be elementary but sometimes without proper guidance the most elementary things in life can be the hardest to achieve. This is not a joke. You can and deserve to lead a pain-free life, free from medications that simply mask your pain. The real challenge is in taking the healthy steps to better your well-being through diet, exercise and Active Rest. So what does Dr. Koeppen have to say when it comes to Active Rest and the continuation of leading a healthy lifestyle?

“Go camping. Do what your mama told you: eat your fruits & vegetables. Go outside and play. Sit up tall.  It’s all quite simple. Sell your television, go for a walk, enjoy a sunset (better yet, a SUNRISE), read a book…Active Rest”.

You heard it here first; those are the Doctor’s Orders! Call Dr. Koeppen today to schedule an assessment and make sure to tell him you found him on The “It” List. Mention Tara’s Team to take advantage of a $50 New Patient Special (includes consultation, corrective exercise recommendations and muscle/trigger point release).

And remember….with Active Rest and “It” List in hand there is simply nothing that can stop you now from achieving The Healthy Life you deserve!

Active Rest Chiropractic
Dr. Collan Koeppen
7630 Fay Ave, Suite 249
La Jolla, CA 92037
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