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BRAG-ging Rights

BRAG-ging Rights

Big talkers, bag of winds, braggarts, hot shots and show offs…we’ve all seen the types. They’re the people known for over-exaggerating, talking big and usually the first ones to toot their own horn even when they’re not deserving of the hype. But what about when an everyday person or company develops a product that is simple, genius, saves you money, is fashion-forward and worthy of the hype? Answers: They’re called “The Brag Company®”, claim the legitimate BRAG-ging rights to changing the world of trendy women travelers and make it to the tippy top of Tara’s Favorite Things List.

The Brag Company® and their innovative products are must-haves for the modern, traveling woman.  Their first and most popular product, The Bra Bag, will allow you to kiss the days of ruining expensive bras in your suitcase goodbye. No more dents or creased bras that necessitate expensive replacements, and no more sacrificing your polished look just because you’re traveling! The original Bra Bag and new Bra Bag Buxom hold up to six bras, are available in 8 different fun and flirty looks, and are the perfect, stylish size to pack away neatly in your luggage. When you’re not traveling the Bra Bags are also great for at-home storage in your closet or drawer.

Once you’ve selected a Bra Bag or Bra Bag Buxom, take it to the next level of fabulous travel and storage with the matching Panty Pak. The Panty Pak will eliminate the use of cumbersome plastic travel bags for your undergarments. Additionally, with the Panty Pak you’re able to keep your panties organized in “clean” and “not so clean” sections when you travel. Simplistically Fabulous!

Think The Brag Company’s® products are female-only purchases? Think again! Bra Bags and Panty Paks are perfect gifts that will most definitely earn anyone bragging rights in the thoughtfulness department by keeping the traveling, organized woman in your life happy and looking fabulous.

EXCLUSIVELY for “It” List Members and Fans – get $10 OFF your Bra Bag purchase! Enter coupon code tarasteam2012 during checkout at www.thebragcompany.com [discount valid until December 15, 2012].

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