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The Healthy Life: Juice Plus+

The Healthy Life: Juice Plus+

We’re taught that anything with a plus sign is good.

An “A” is great…but an “A+”? Phenomenal!

So then what astronomical amount of greatness do you suppose you get when you “+” the word “plus”? 

Answer: Juice Plus+.

What Is Juice Plus+?  Juice Plus+® is a whole food supplement – containing 26 fruits and veggies in capsule form – that helps you fill in the gaps on days you don’t get your recommended 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables. Not to be confused with a typical multi-vitamin, JP+® provides the body with nearly every vitamin and mineral on the planet, whereas isolated man-made multi-vitamins and isolated antioxidant supplements contain only a handful of nutrients.  For those who prefer not to consume capsules, JP+® also offers chewable versions for easier consumption that are low in sugar, contain no artificial flavors or colors and are 100% vegetarian.

Why Juice Plus+?  Scientific evidence shows us that there is a connection between nutrition and disease. A record number of 75-80% of all cancer and heart disease are diet and lifestyle-related, and are therefore preventable.  Antioxidants, which are only found in fruits and vegetables, are our body’s first line of defense against cancer and heart disease.  In addition, fruits, veggies and unprocessed grains or “real foods” can help renew and make changes in our bodies at the cellular level.  Juice Plus+ has 25 clinical studies showing that it raises antioxidant levels, reduces oxidative stress and systemic inflammation, creates a healthy immune system, protects DNA, supports cardiovascular wellness, supports healthy skin and periodontal health, and reduces insulin resistance and abdominal fat.  As if that isn’t enough to convince you, JP+® is the only whole food supplement that has this type of extensive clinical research done at a prestigious medical and clinical institution, with results published in peer-reviewed medical journals. 

Who Should Use Juice Plus+?  We would love to say that every single person should immediately get on the JP+® train, but the reality is this: although everyone can benefit from JP+®, you must understand that this it is not a “quick fix” or a one-week health strategy.  Leading The Healthy Life through good nutrition and exercise is a lifetime commitment.  Cells are highly complex machines that don’t just improve overnight, so JP+® should become an ongoing complement to your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

What Juice Plus+ Products Are Available? (1) JP+® comes in capsules for adults and soft chewys for children.  There is a Fruit and Veggie blend, and also a Vineyard blend – which was created specifically for cardiovascular health. (2) JP+® Complete is a meal replacement powder that is totally whole food-based. It can be used as a pre or post workout recovery drink, and provides a balanced blend of whole food-based nutrition for only 120 calories! More protein, more fiber, less fat, less sugar, fewer calories and healthy carbs…it doesn’t get any better than this! (3) Finally, the Tower Garden® by JP+® is their newest product that allows you to grow your very own farmer’s market right outside your door. The Tower Garden® is eco-friendly and economical with its unique aeroponic technology that continually recycles the water and nutrient solution that helps plants grow—using LESS THAN 10% of water required by traditional, soil-based agriculture.

To learn more about these Juice Plus+ products contact your local San Diego representative, Jini Carlson, at jcarlso2@san.rr.com.

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