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Happy Love Your Pet Day!

Happy Love Your Pet Day!

Happy Love Your Pet Day!

What Valentine’s Day is to humans, Love Your Pet Day is to our four-legged family members. Most of us love our pets year-round but much like Valentine’s Day, February 20th is a full day dedicated to the special love we have for our pets. Here are some extra ways that you can show your pet just how much you care today…

Like cooking at home? Put those cooking skills to work with some down-home cooking for your pets that will be a guaranteed hit!

Whether it’s a run at the dog park, a car ride, a day at the beach or just playing in the backyard – every dog has its favorite pastime. So take a few extra minutes to get out, enjoy the fresh air and exercise with your loved ones.

Pets really like new toys and treats; pick some up on your way back from work or school, and get lots of love and kisses from your furry family members when you get home.

Pamper your pet with a bath, facial, manicure or even a full-service pet spa day! If you’re not sure where to go, check out Tara’s Team’s It List for some ideas. But whether you do the pampering at home, at a do-it-yourself center or at a full-fledged spa, your reward will be the happiness and sweet smell of your furry friend.

Remember that there are millions of pets looking for good homes. Take a trip to your local shelter or visit a reputable online resource to make a donation or adoption.

If you’re one of the many who are unsure of their pet’s birthday, make February 20th their birthday and give even more reason to celebrate in years to come!

Whether you decide to go all out today or just take time for some extra belly rubs, make sure that you show your furry family members how much they mean to you.

What are you doing for Love Your Pet Day?

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