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Happy Single Awareness Day!

Happy Single Awareness Day!

Let’s face the facts.  If you are not in a relationship over Valentine’s Day, the week leading up to the super over-advertised Hallmark holiday is grueling. Stuffed animals, hearts, flowers, proposals and not to mention the grotesque number of people racing to the altar, can be a lot to endure.  With Tara’s Team’s Valentine’s Day Survival Tips we can’t erase the day altogether, but we can help you get through what we like to refer to as: Single Awareness Day… with a little bit more style and grace.

Red Martini

1. Toast:  If you’re looking to catch the eye of a previous love, or just want to prove that you’re a catch to the rest of the world, mix up this Love Potion #9 concoction and toast to your beautiful self.

  •  1 ½ oz Vodka
  • 1 ½ oz sweet and sour mix
  • 1 ½ oz cherry liqueur
  • Shake well with cracked ice.  Strain into chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

2. Anti-Drunk Texting App:  Just on the off chance that you toast a few too many times after #1, make sure you download this app BEFORE you celebrate Single Awareness Day.

3. Gossip Magazine:  We’re not implying that everything you read in these magazines is true, but if you feel a little down why not indulge in some trashy, celebrity gossip that will make you feel better about your own life in no time at all?

chocolate truffles

4. Chocolate:  Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, no indulgence package is complete without some fancy-pantsy chocolates. Go ahead. Indulge away.

zippo lighter


5. Zippo:  It’s a proven fact that you feel better once you SAFELY dispose of mementos in a proper fire-safe receptacle.   This is of course is only what we have been told.

6. These Boots are Made for Walking:  Quite possibly our favorite indulgence—shoes. Indulge in some shoe therapy and show the world that your boots…or strappy heels!…are made for walking. (Best administered on the 15th of February after #1 has worn off)

Although it may not be a cure-all we do hope that we have helped to ease the pain of any unhappy (or happy) singles this Valentine’s Day. Whatever your plans we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day and Single Awareness Day from all of us at Tara’s Team!

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