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Feeling EXCITED About Tara’s Team? Anxious For a Sneak Peek From the “It” List?!

Feeling EXCITED About Tara’s Team? Anxious For a Sneak Peek From the “It” List?!

Lunges, deadlifts and squats — three great butt-toning workouts, right? Good as they may be, they’re also sooo routine. My name is Tiffany Morin, and I’m the Tara’s Team Resident “It” Girl numero uno. Though being part of Tara’s awesome Team is my main job, I’m also a butt-toning workout connoisseur. If anyone asks me, “What are you working out today?” I always respond with “butt and abs.” After all, what areas of the body are more important than those to workout on a regular basis? But after spending countless hours doing the above three exercises, I found myself getting bored. There are only so many squats one can do over and over before your body becomes accustomed to them. So when I came across a class called ‘Booty Burn’ at one of the “It” List’s awesome fitness centers, I was interested to say the least.

What is ‘Booty Burn,’ you ask? Well, it’s a class that does just what the name implies: it works the booty. And believe me, you will definitely feel the burn. According to Booty Burn’s bootylicious instructor, “This class is a spinoff of the Ballet Barre workout, which is focused on attaining the dancer’s lean physique. Think long, lean legs, toned arms and best of all, a tight, lifted booty. This workout is a fusion of Ballet, Barre, Pilates and Yoga – making it a great way to add some intensity to your routine if you’re already a practitioner of Pilates or Yoga.”

Adding intensity to my routine is exactly what I like to hear, and I did just that when taking this class. During class, you use weights, squishy balls and a chair for an hour-long combination of butt-tightening and leg-toning workouts. The chair creates instability, forcing you to balance and engage your core. Another awesome plus is that the class is mostly female. In fact, this gym caters toward a primarily female clientele, which definitely makes it less awkward to do exercises in unflattering positions.

So, are you interested in a more shapely back-end? Then come ‘back that thang up’ with me at Booty Burn class, offered twice weekly. For more information on Booty Burn, and the fabulous gym that offers it, you’ve gotta get the list…


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